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*New* "Better of Pricing" call for details (POS)
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Preferred Pricing
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Wilco Hess

WilcoHess Travel plazas and convenient stores

WilcoHess travel plaza’s, truck stops, fuel stops, and convenience stores are well known to those traveling inside the Southeastern United States. Where there is quality there is the 24-7 Fuel Card. WilcoHess has a stellar reputation among professional drivers as a leader fuel stops, travel centers, and truck stops organizations in the country even though locations are just in one region of the country.

The 24-7 Fuel Card is the standard for managing your fuel needs and the over the road expenses. We make sure there is always a tuck stop, fuel stop, or travel center nearby to keep you going. WilcoHess has a strong presence in the Southeast and is more of the same quality you expect to accept the 24-7 Fuel Card. Managing your trucks and fuel is made easier with WilcoHess and the 24-7 Fuel Card.

The 24-7 Fuel Card is the smart way to manage your fuel needs along with WilcoHess. Their travel centers, truck stops, and fuel stops pride themselves in providing the best fuel possible and good fuel is obviously better for your trucks. The 24-7 Fuel Card realizes the importance of providing only the best options and plenty of them. We know when you make a stop at travel center, fuel stop, or truck stop you want quality and comfort and WilcoHess another example of the 24-7 Fuel Card meeting those needs.

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The 24-7 Fuel Card Offers

  • Fuel Discounts at major Fuel Stops, Truck Stops and Travel Centers
  • Cash Advance Capability at all major Truck Stops, Travel Centers and Fuel Stops
  • Daily Reporting
  • Easy Fast Setup for new cardholders

The 24-7 Fuel Card is an exclusive card for Factoring Customers of TCI Business Capital.

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WilcoHess owns and operates approximately 360 Wilco To Go travel plazas, fuel stops, truck stops and convenience stores throughout Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia gladly accepts the 24-7 Fuel Card. Many locations house quick serve restaurants such as Arby's, Dairy Queen, Wendy's along with supplies and services that accepts the 24-7 Fuel Card

The quality truck stops, fuel stops, and service centers are a result of hard work and smart business decisions. The joint venture company was formed in 2001 by partners A.T. Williams Oil Company and Hess Corporation (formerly Amerada Hess), a leading independent oil company along the East Coast. The 24-7 Fuel Card knows quality and good service and is why WilcoHess is a partner of ours. WilcoHess has grown through acquisitions; the 2004 purchase of 50 locations in North Carolina from former Service Distributors followed in 2005 by the acquisition of 100 Trade Mart convenience stores in eastern North Carolina from Trade Oil Co. The 24-7 Fuel Card is proud to be accepted at WilcoHess’ truck stops, fuel stops, and travel center.

All of the 360+ WilcoHess fuel stops, travel centers, and truck stops offer first class convenience and value to their patrons and that made more convenient with the 24-7 Fuel Card. WilcoHess offers a dynamite coffee program, monthly specials on all your favorite soft drinks, and other comforts and needs a professional driver may have.

The 24-7 Fuel Card is your access to everything to keep you going on the road and off to your next destination. WilcoHess tuck stops, travel centers, and fuel stops plus the 24-7 Fuel Card meets your needs and provides comfort.