*New* "Better of Pricing" call for details (POS)
*New* "Better of Pricing" call for details (POS)
Preferred Pricing
Preferred Pricing
$.03 off/gal. (POS)

Travel Centers of America

TravelCenters of America is the largest full-service travel center/fuel stop company in the United States, serving professional drivers and motorists alike with their travel centers, truck stops, and fuel stops which all accept the 24-7 Fuel Card. Their reputation for quality is well known throughout the industry and drivers know what to expect with their 24-7 Fuel Card when stopping at the TA’s travel centers, fuel stops, and truck stops. Fuel, coffee, supplies and anything a professional driver needs while on the road can be easily found at TravelCenters of America.

Their mission is to take care of all highway travelers in the finest fuel stops, travel centers, and truck stops on the road. With over 30 years of experience, TravelCenters of America has established itself as a leader in serving travelers. The 24-7 Fuel Card is the perfect tool to use at TA’s truck stops, fuel stops and travel centers. This gives you the freedom you need when managing your fuel cost. The quality and convenience of using your 24-7 Fuel Card at TravelCenters of America helps with your success.

TravelCenters of America


The 24-7 Fuel Card Offers

  • Fuel Discounts at major Fuel Stops, Truck Stops and Travel Centers
  • Cash Advance Capability at all major Truck Stops, Travel Centers and Fuel Stops
  • Daily Reporting
  • Easy Fast Setup for new cardholders

The 24-7 Fuel Card is an exclusive card for Factoring Customers of TCI Business Capital.

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TA locations are designed to fit the needs of all travelers and made easier with the 24-7 Fuel Card. From Fuel stops’ diesel fuel and gasoline to comfortable full-service restaurants, branded lodging and nationally known fast food restaurants, you'll find exactly what you need while you stop at a truck stop, travel center to use your 24-7 Fuel Card. Move your freight efficiently by making Smart stops at a TA travel center, fuel stop, or truck stop and always using your 24-7 Fuel Card.

Travel Centers and truck stops make the breaks in a day that are looked forward to by drivers, and TA wants to make sure drivers’ Fuel stops are enjoyable and productive. Using your 24-7 Fuel Card can help make that happen. TA does everything possible to ensure their customers get what they need and have options for some extras when they take a break at a TA fuel stop, truck stop, or travel center. The 24-7 Fuel Card is also a must have when visiting a TA making your break a little more relaxing with the comfort of knowing your fuel account is being managed with a tool like the 24-7 Fuel Card.

Just like the commitment the 24-7 Fuel Card has made TA is also investing heavily in technology to make your stops at their truck stops, Travel Centers and Fuel stops quicker and more enjoyable which is made better with the 24-7 Fuel Card. From automated fueling systems to their Network-Wide Maintenance Database for truck repairs, we are 100% committed to serving drivers' needs. The industry is constantly changing through technology and TravelCenters of America is right there along the way by constantly upgrading their Fuel stops, Travel Centers, and truck stops. Moving toward the future is easy with TA and the 24-7 Fuel Card.