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*New* "Better of Pricing" call for details (POS)
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Preferred Pricing
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Loves Travel Stops and Country Stores

Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. operates more than 160 truck stops, fuel stops, travel centers and convenience stores in about two-dozen states. With their commitment to quality Love’s is a perfect partner with the 24-7 Fuel Card. There are more than 100 travel centers, truck stops, and fuel stops which offer interstate travelers branded fast food in addition to fuel, as well as certain amenities such as showers and parking for RVs. The 24-7 Fuel Card is accepted at all of Love’s locations and helps with all your over the road needs.

Loves fuel stops, truck stops, and travel centers have space for up to 150 trucks. Many feature attached fast-food restaurants from well-known national chains such as Taco Bell, Subway, and Pizza Hut. There are also another 67 Country Stores, or convenience stores. The company is owned by the family of founder and CEO Tom Love and is committed to quality since the beginning in producing travel centers, fuel stops, and truck stops.

The 24-7 Fuel Card Offers

  • Fuel Discounts at major Fuel Stops, Truck Stops and Travel Centers
  • Cash Advance Capability at all major Truck Stops, Travel Centers and Fuel Stops
  • Daily Reporting
  • Easy Fast Setup for new cardholders

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Love’s chain of Fuel stops, truck stops, and travel centers is family owned and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Love’s story began in 1964 when Tom opened his first filling station in Western Oklahoma. The 24-7 Fuel Card is an ideal partner for Loves. Tom’s goal was to provide clean truck stops, travel centers, and Fuel stops operated by friendly faces, and the goal remains the same today. At Love’s, family owned is a reality. Tom, along with his sons and one daughter, stay involved in the store operations on a daily basis. They take an active role in what is happening in their travel centers, Fuel stops, truck stops and the communities that surround them. We know it is important for the 24-7 card to be accepted at truck stops, travel centers, Fuel stops like Love’s.

All of your travel needs are met with the combination of the 24-7 Fuel Card and Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores. Quality and service are merged together with the products you need at Love’s truck stops, travel centers, and Fuel stops and the convenience you get when using your 24-7 Fuel Card. Managing your Fuel needs is easy when using the 24-7 and knowing a Love’s is just down the road.

Whether you’re running a fleet of trucks or the one behind the wheel, managing your Fuel can be a chore, but the 24-7 Fuel Card is the answer to meeting your needs by partnering with quality travel centers, truck stops, and Fuel stops like Love’s. Their commitment to friendly quality facilities has made Love’s a success and they are adding new locations all the time meaning more places to use your 24-7 Fuel Card. This will ensure you will continue to have quality travel centers that accept the 24-7 Fuel Card meeting Fuel management needs for large fleets or owner operators.

Love's future is full of excitement and growth. The changes they are making are to service over-the-road needs more quickly and efficiently through quality truck stops, travel centers, and Fuel stops. Technology can make life easier and Love’s is committed to using all the tools available to better serve their customers like the 24-7 Fuel Card. Stop by and visit any one of Love's Fuel stops, truck stops, and travel centers to experience their "Clean Places, Friendly Faces," and be sure to bring your 24-7 Fuel Card